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theoretical output 1400-2000 bottles per hour. Suitable for 20-2000ml bottles.

Semi Automatic PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Product Description


Semi Automatic Blow Machine

Theoretical Capacity
Mold Cavities
Neck Size
Max. Volume
High productivity; easy to operate; long time after-sale service.

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preform rotary

IMG_4977 .jpg

blow mold

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IMG_4982 .jpg

mold frame

IMG_4993 .jpg

heating lamps

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preform slide

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voltage regulator

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air storage tank

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stretch cylinders

Machine Specifications

Machine Model


Production Capacity (BPH)


Max. Bottle Size

2000 ml

Max. Bottle Diameter

100 mm

Max. Bottle Height

350 mm



4 cavities

Clamping Force

66.48 KN

Opening Stock


Mould Thickness

120-200 mm

Mould Width X Height

500 mm X 390 mm



15-38 mm


190 mm

Heating Power

23 KW

General Power

27 KW

Compressed Air

Blow Air

2.6  3.0 MPa

Drive Air

0.8  1.0 MPa

Machine Dimensions

Main Machine

1580 * 800 * 2630mm


2250 * 560 * 1560 mm

Machine Weight

Main Machine

1000 KGS


300 KGS



Common faults and solutions for PET bottle blowing-part 1

Trouble 1: PET bottle transparency is not good


1. The heating temperature is too high

2. The heating time is too long

3. Compressed air contains water

4. The injection embryo tube itself is opaque

5. The embryo tube design is not suitable

6. The inflation ratio is too small


1. Cool down the temperature

2. Shorten the heating time

3. Use a dryer to remove water

4. Improve the quality of embryo tube, select materials and increase the dryness of raw materials

5. Improve the design of embryo tube size

6. Reduce the diameter of embryo tube

Trouble 2: The PET bottle appears pearly luster and white


1. The heating temperature is too low

2. Uneven wall thickness of embryo tube

3. The embryo tube is too thick, and the heating and penetration are insufficient


1. Heat up or slow down the revolution speed

2. Improve embryo tube quality

3. Reduce the thickness of the embryo tube, or try to increase the outer cover of the heating device to increase the surface temperature of the embryo tube

Trouble 3: The position of the bottom nozzle of the PET bottle is offset


1. It was too early to start blowing

2. The stretch rod is not down to the end

3. Offset between the stretching rod and the center line of the bottle axis

4. The embryo tube wall thickness is uneven or the injection density is uneven

5. Uneven heating


1. Delay the blowing time or increase the descending speed of the stretching rod

2. Adjust the position of the magnetic pole switch

3. Adjust the position of the stretch rod

4. Improve embryo tube quality

5. Improve the heating conditions, or check whether there is any problem with the rotation of the embryo tube

Trouble 4: uneven wall thickness of PET bottles


1. The position of the stretch rod is not in the center of the embryo tube

2. The blowing holes are asymmetrical and the hole diameters are different

3. The stretching ratio is too low or the expansion ratio is too small

4. The embryo tube does not rotate in the heating furnace

5. Uneven embryonic tube wall thickness or uneven injection density


1. Adjust the position of the stretch rod

2. Adjust the position and diameter of the blowing hole

3. Increase the stretching ratio or inflation ratio

4. Check the rotation device

5. Improve embryo tube quality

Trouble 5: The upper part of the bottle is too thick


1. The upper part temperature is too low

2. The position of the mold vent hole is too far from the upper part

3. The stretching ratio is too low

4. The inflation ratio of the upper part of the bottle is too low

5. The stretching rod speed is too slow


1. The upper part is heated

2. Adjust the position of the vent

3. Increase the stretching ratio

4. Change the shape of the bottle

5. Adjust the speed of the stretch rod

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